[Python-Dev] proposed which.py replacement

Guido van Rossum guido at python.org
Sun Apr 1 22:00:45 CEST 2007

Ok, sorry, that *is* a valid use case. Since Trent on his webpage
suggests his code as a stdlib replacement I support this now. (But I'm
not going to take further action -- I hope you can get one of the
regular 2.6 dev guys to adopt this case. Also, the PSF needs to have a
contribution form on file from Trent Mick.)


On 4/1/07, Stefan Rank <list-ener at strank.info> wrote:
> on 01.04.2007 17:23 Guido van Rossum said the following:
> > It's out of character for the standard library, since (regardless of
> > whether it's implemented in Python or part of the standard library)
> > it's a stand-alone utility. I don't see much use for this as a library
> > module.
> I use it as a library, because it encodes knowledge about locating
> executables on different platforms, especially Windows.
> Unixoids have which and the search is relatively straightforward.
> Windows searches paths in PATH and in the registry, and uses PATHEXT,
> so, for me, the main benefit of which.py is that it provides a which
> replacement on Windows that takes these quirks into account.
> A small use case, but a use case nevertheless.
> I never use which.py as a stand-alone utility as I have cygwin.
> (But I think it would be helpful when deploying on somebody else's
> Windows computer.)
> Of course it is your call if it fits in the stdlib or not.
> cheers,
> stefan
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