[Python-Dev] About SSL tests

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Tue Apr 3 03:28:10 CEST 2007

Jean-Paul Calderone wrote:

> If the openssl binary is available, when the test starts, launch it in
> a child process, talk to it for the test, then kill it when the test is
> done.

Ok, I have a demo of this.

Right now, I face this problem.

I launch openssl through subprocess, but I do *not* find a way to tell
him to quit serving, so all I can do is to kill the process (through the
pid from the Popen object).

The problem is that os.kill only works in Unix and Macintosh. So,
there's a better way to do this? Or I shall check if I'm in one of those
both platforms and only execute the tests there?

Another question, this one more operative. For openssl I'll need both
cert.pem and key.pem files. I have them, but in which directory I shall
commit them? ./Lib/test? Or create another directory inside that?


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