[Python-Dev] possible urllib bug on Windows XP

Shane Geiger sgeiger at ncee.net
Tue Apr 3 04:55:49 CEST 2007

I have a curious situation which might be a bug in urllib (Python 2.5 
installed from a .msi file gotten from python.org) when running on 
Windows XP.  (This is running inside a Parallels virtual machine, but I 
don't see how that matters, because, as you will see in a second, I'm 
able to access the Web server both by its IP address and name.

Here's a screenshot of a console session:


You can see from the screenshot:

1.  This machine is able to ping the Web server's IP address.
2.  I can even access the Web server via the DNS name assigned 
(www.nce.net) using wget.exe (from UnxUtils).
3.  However, when I try to simulate wget.exe by using urllib, I get an 

Here's the urllib command (which, incidentally works fine from my 
MacBook Pro):
python -c "import urllib ; 

I tested this on a Windows 2000 Server, and urllib behaved normally.

Is this possibly a bug on Windows XP?

Shane Geiger
IT Director
National Council on Economic Education
sgeiger at ncee.net  |  402-438-8958  |  http://www.ncee.net

Leading the Campaign for Economic and Financial Literacy

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