[Python-Dev] Changes to decimal.py

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Tue Apr 10 20:26:41 CEST 2007

Now that the checkin is done, I don't think it needs to be reverted.  But, in general, we should probably abstain from making wholesale revisions that add zero value for the users.  

The stylistic change from:
    ValueError, 'foo'
is fine.

Changing MockThreading to subclass from object though borders on being a semantic change and should be done with care.  In this particular case, I see no harm in it, but then I haven't tested it on a Py2.3 build with threading disabled.

As promised in the decimal.py header, the spec updates should all be considered as bugs and backported at some point after they are fully tested and we're happy with them all around.  Also, as promised, the module should continue to run on Py2.3.

For the most part, many of the new operations can be implemented in terms of the existing ops or in terms of the support functions that we already use internally.  Ideally, you can refactor common code while leaving almost all of the exisiting algorithm implementation code untouched.

The spec's choice of new method names is unfortunate.  You'll have to come-up with something better than copy() and class().

FWIW, I think the new decimal development should probably be done in a branch off of the current head.  That way, you can check-in at will and get feedback from everyone without risking the integrity of the head.

If you want to discuss anything during development, I'm usually available on AOL instant messaging with the screename:  raymondewt

Likewise, consider soliciting Tim's input on how to implement the ln() operation.  That one will be tricky to get done efficiently and correctly.

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