[Python-Dev] SystemErrors in generator (just happened in 2.5)

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Wed Apr 18 21:25:36 CEST 2007

>> *** The following messages occur in other successful tests too:
>>     a DOS box should flash briefly ...
> Always happens in test_subprocess, during the Windows-specific
> test_creationflags.  This is expected.  When you /watch/ the tests
> running on Windows, it's intended to prevent panic when a mysterious
> DOS box appears ;-)
>>         find_library('c') ->  None
>>         find_library('m') ->  None
> Mysterious.  Looks like debug/trace(!) output while running
> Lib/ctypes/test/test_loading.py's test_find().

I enabled these prints to have a way to examine what find_library() returns
on the buildbots, without checking for a certain result in a test.

Should these prints be removed again?


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