[Python-Dev] Patch reviews and request

Jason Orendorff jason.orendorff at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 16:02:08 CEST 2007

OK, here's the patch I'd like to direct attention to:

[ 1704134 ] minidom Level 1 DOM compliance
  This is only the first step toward DOM Level 1 compliance.  It fixes
  the stuff that's easy to fix.

Here are the patch reviews.  I put more detailed comments in the SF

[ 1704547 ] Use MoveFileEx() to implement os.rename() on windows
  -1.  This changes the documented behavior of a commonly used

[ 1678345 ] A fix for the bug #1528074 [warning: quite slow]
  This can be rejected.

[ 1673007 ] urllib2 requests history + HEAD support
  urllib2.urlopen() object seems like the wrong place for history to
  be attached.  These objects are pretty ephemeral, in my code anyway.
  Patch is extremely rough.  -1.

[ 1665292 ] Datetime enhancements
  The patch here adds __int__ and __float__ to datetime.timedelta.
  I'm -1 on that.  It also implements > < == comparison between
  timedelta objects and numbers, which is right out--they don't have
  compatible hash codes.

[ 1652328 ] stream writing support in wave.py
  This can be rejected.  (Update: After my comments on this one, Neal
  closed it.)

The following patches look good, but I didn't attempt to run them.  I
just read the source code.

[ 1669481 ] subprocess: Support close_fds on Win32
  Looks good, and a definite +1.

[ 1704621 ] interpreter crash when multiplying large lists
  Yep, it crashes.  Patch looks good.  +1.

[ 1692664 ] warnings.py gets filename wrong for eval/exec
  Nice to have.  +1.

[ 1676135 ] Remove trailing slash from --prefix
  Also nice to have.  +0.


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