[Python-Dev] Summaries and the New Lists

Calvin Spealman ironfroggy at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 22:37:14 CEST 2007

Now that I should be able to actually keep up with my summary duties,
I need to figure out how to tackle the changing landscape of the
development lists. The old summaries were no problem, before my time.
When the python-3000 list was created, nearly everything was just
conceptual, floaty talk that didn't have place in the concrete world
of real development conversation in python-dev. The day recently came
when python-3000 got to the point of being "real" enough to warrant a
third list, python-ideas, for real floaty ideas and now conversations
routinely cross all three. Something might be brought up in ideas,
move to 3000 to be solidified, and then to dev to discuss backporting
to 2.6 or so. Obviously, we're missing out on a lot for the summaries.

So, the question I pose is how would everyone like to see this
resolved? As I see it, there are two things I can do. I can either
summaries each list separately, and try to sort out the cross overs.
Or, I can start pulling in all three development lists into all the
summaries. I prefer the second option, but I want to clear with
everyone else. I hope no one has a problem with getting more with the
summaries from now on? If not, I'll begin with the second half of

Along with that, I need to know if my svn rights for submitting the
summaries extends to the actual summary scripts? I'll need to change
them to pull in extra lists. I'm actually thinking lots of projects
could use such a script, so while I'm at it I want to just generalize
it a bit and put it somewhere for anyone else to use, if no one has
issues with that.

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