[Python-Dev] Python 2.5.1

Khalid A. Bakr khabkr at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 29 06:40:32 CEST 2007

--- "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote:
> There must be more to the problem than just an open
> file. Please undo the change that triggered the 
> addition of the test, and see whether you
> can reproduce the original problem with an arbitrary
> open file (I
> could trigger the problem with pagefile.sys at the 
> time).
> Regards,
> Martin

--- "Calvin Spealman" <ironfroggy at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm sorry, but somehow I could not parse this. My 
> understanding was that the unittest was meant to 
> make sure an os.stat call would be successful on an
> open file, and that pagefile.sys was >simply used as
> a known open file, which is no longer correct. If 
> that is the case, I am unsure what problem there is
> with >my fix of a temporary open file to test upon

I think the point is that the problem should be solved
(stat of open file) for any arbitrary open file
including pagefile.sys.

After booting into Win98, I can see that I have a
pagefile.sys indeed in my C drive which WinXP hides
from view. While in Win98 and with the file not in
use, the test passes on Win98 when looking for
pagefile.sys in C drive (no complaint about file not
found or access denied, even though I know that the
file is not open). And the test passes for the running
python.exe that is processing the test.

After some googling it seems to me that this could
likely be a User Rights Assignment issue of a systems
file not an open file stat one, hence the Access
denied error message (winerror 5) that I got in WinXP,
as opposed to the File not found windows error
(winerror 2) which one might expect if the
pagefile.sys did not exist. 

And therefore if the point of the test is just to test
stating an open file then the temporary file approach
makes sense. If modifying a systems file with or
without User Rights Assignment is a requirement then
we may need a new test altogether.


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