[Python-Dev] New Super PEP

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Mon Apr 30 05:41:56 CEST 2007

On Apr 29, 2007, at 9:07 PM, Greg Ewing wrote:
> Guido van Rossum wrote:
>> Nearly always wrong? You must be kidding. There are tons of  
>> reasons to
>> call your super method with modified arguments. E.g. clipping,
>> transforming, ...
> That's a good point. Just because the *signature* is the
> same doesn't mean the *values* of the parameters need
> to be the same.

This is quite true, and is indeed one case where it can be right to  
pass different arguments. Just in case there was confusion, I did not  
intend to imply that it should be impossible to pass different  
arguments, only that passing the same ones should be foolproof and  
not require repeating yourself.


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