[Python-Dev] [Python-3000] PEP 30XZ: Simplified Parsing

Eric V. Smith eric+python-dev at trueblade.com
Mon Apr 30 14:39:51 CEST 2007

Jim Jewett wrote:

> Rationale for Removing Implicit String Concatenation
>     Implicit String concatentation can lead to confusing, or even
>     silent, errors. [1]
>         def f(arg1, arg2=None): pass
>         f("abc" "def")  # forgot the comma, no warning ...
>                         # silently becomes f("abcdef", None)
>     or, using the scons build framework,
>         sourceFiles = [
>         'foo.c',
>         'bar.c',
>         #...many lines omitted...
>         'q1000x.c']

Since your first example omits the comma, I think this one should, too.

          sourceFiles = [
          #...many lines omitted...

That is, either both examples should show an error, or both examples 
should work, but point out how easy it is to make an error.


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