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Re: [Python-Dev] Regular expressions, Unicode etc.
=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=22Martin_v=2E_L=F6wis=22?= <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote:
> I recommend you use the 4.1 version of the database; this should
> work out of the box, with no change to the build environment at
> all.

I tried that, of course.  See below.

> As for updating it - that has to wait until the next release
> of Python. At that point, 5.1 might be releasesd, so 5.0 might
> get skipped altogether.

Very true.

> I would likely close such a report as "works for me" (after testing
> it does - it did when I last ran it, which was before the release
> of Python 2.5).

I think that you will find that you are using a non-standard
environment and set of Python sources.  I started off with the
standard distribution.

> It did not suffer from bit-rot - it still works just fine for
> the version of the database that is supported.

Really?  I have just checked 2.5.1, and the same defects are there.

> As for the need for redesigning - I don't see that need. What specific
> aspect do you think needs redesigning? If you merely meant to say
> "I don't understand the code" - this is not enough reason, I
> remember it took me some time to understand it as well, but now
> I see that it does precisely what it needs to do, and precisely
> in the way it needs to do that.

Well, here are a selection of the issues that I found:

The Makefile includes the command:
    ncftpget -R ftp.unicode.org . Public/MAPPINGS
Not merely is ncftpget not a standard utility, the current mappings
are no longer at that location.  Indeed, I can see nothing useful in
that directory at present, though I haven't searched it in depth!

Looking through www.unicode.org, I could find the relevant files
for 5.0.0, but for no other version.  No, I am NOT going to type
in over a megabyte of data from the PDF!

makeunicodedata.py has a reference to the Unicode 3.2 files, but
they are not present in the standard distribution, the Makefile
doesn't fetch them, and I can't find them.

makeunicodedata.py refers to (for example) UnicodeData.txt and
Modules/unicodedata_db.h as such, which rather requires it to be
run in a particular directory.  I can find nothing in any file
even referring to this.

Having run it, running 'make all' does not rebuild Python correctly.
I couldn't be bothered to work out why, so I hit it with the usual
trick, 'make distclean'.

And, of course, it SHOULD be possible to upgrade the Unicode data
without having to change version of Python!

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