[Python-Dev] Other SSL issues in the tracker have been marked

Bill Janssen janssen at parc.com
Sun Aug 26 19:55:43 CEST 2007

> This occurs on at least 3 of the buildbots (ubuntu and debian on ia64,
> ppc, and hppa).  Here's one example:
> http://python.org/dev/buildbot/all/ia64%20Ubuntu%20trunk%20trunk/builds/832/step-test/0

If I'm reading this right, it's passing tests on "amd64 gentoo trunk",
"x86 gentoo trunk", "g4 osx.4 trunk" (no surprise there).

And looking at the community buildbots, it works on "x86 Redhat 9",
"x86 Debian unstable", "amd64 Ubuntu gutsy", "G5 OS X", and so on.
I've tested it myself on FC 7 and it works.

And looking at the "ppc Debian unstable" case, test_socket is also
failing there, so the test_ssl failure is not a big surprise.

I'm not familiar with what's in Debian "trunk" or Ubuntu "trunk"; any
idea what version of OpenSSL they have in them?

But I think this exposes a more generic bug in test_ssl.py, which is
that the server thread doesn't die when one of these failures occurs.
It probably should.  I'll make a patch -- but I don't have a system
that this fails on, how will I test it?


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