[Python-Dev] [poll] New name for __builtins__

Chuck Mason (Visual Concepts) cmason at vcentertainment.com
Sat Dec 1 00:09:10 CET 2007

Thing is that "universal" is an adjective and we tend to use nouns
(maybe not by intention) for our modules/objects:

Sys, os, builtins, etc, are all nouns: maybe +1 for __universe__ ?  But
when you phrase it that way, it doesn't quite make sense.

Have we considered special syntax for universal py methods? *.open() ?
::open() (ew!, by the way) ?  

I'm a huge fan of keeping things legible to people who don't know
python, but for some weird reason __universal__ makes me feel like I am
writing non-professional software.


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On 29 Nov 2007, at 14:06, Isaac Morland wrote:
> I wonder how much you could sell the naming rights for?  i.e. call it
> __[name of sponsor]__.  Python's pretty popular, such advertising  
> should
> be worth something....

I'm sorry, but if you call it __Microsoft_Office_2007__ I shall never  
write a program that uses what we now call __builtins__ ever again!

> PS: I actually do like __universal__.

Me too.

+1 for __universal__


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