[Python-Dev] Py3k code freeze imminent; 3.0a2 release Friday

Christian Heimes lists at cheimes.de
Thu Dec 6 09:46:47 CET 2007

Guido van Rossum wrote:
> The buildbot is green for Solaris also, so I think we're in good
> shape. I don't see any green buildbots for Windows though, but Windows
> is always a flakey situation; Christian, what's your assessment?

test_mailbox is still failing with lots of errors. The module needs
extra embracement and love on Windows. Most to all of the problems are
related to the newline separator \r\n.

Some modules are also failing when I run a refleak regression test, see

I've ironed out the last cosmetic problems in the PCbuild9 directory and
profile guided optimization builds. A PGO version can be build with
"build_pgo -2" (runs the complete unit test suite) or "build_pgo" (runs
PyBench) in a VS 2008 command shell. The x64 builds are looking fine
except of tkinter (it doesn't build) but I'm not able to test the x64
version on my computer.

Could you please add two comments to the release notes for Windows users?

* On Windows Python can't be run from a directory with non ASCII chars
in its path name. #1342

* The current releases of MinGW and Cygwin can't build Python extensions
since they don't support msvcr90.dll. The necessary bits and pieces are
already in Python and cygwin cvs.

> I see a few tests leaking; in particular test_ssl (1522 refs leaned
> per run!) and test_urllib2_localnet (3 per run). Anyone interested in
> researching these feel free to do so; just upload a patch and file a
> bug if you've squashed the leaks (or some).

The test_ssl tests are only leaking with the -unetwork option. On my
Ubuntu box they are leaking 1536 references per turn. For heaven's sake
I can't remember how I found the leaking code lines the last time.
Py_DUMP_REFS dumps too many information.


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