[Python-Dev] Python-Dev Digest, Vol 53, Issue 23

Giampaolo Rodola' gnewsg at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 11:52:46 CET 2007

Some things I would change in the docstrings:

> +    A dispatcher object handles a single socket, processing connect,
> +    accept, close, read and write events as defined by the child
> +    handle_connect, handle_accept, handle_close, handle_read and
> +    handle_write methods, respectively.  The child may also define
> +    handle_expt to handle exceptions raised during the communication
> +    process.

handle_expt is used for managing of OOB (Out Of Band) data.
The method called when an unhandled exception is raised is

> +        """Sets the socket.SO_REUSEADDR socket option, is possible

Typo ("IF possible").

>      def handle_error(self):
> +        """Internal method, do not override."""

I would change into: "Called when an exception is raised and not
otherwise handled. The default version prints a condensed traceback.",
the same thing reported in the doc.

>      def handle_expt(self):
> +        """Called to handle an exception event.
> +
> +        Children may override this method to implement exception
> +        processing.
> +
> +        """

Like said above, this is called when arrived some OOB data.
I would change this into something like: "Called when some OOB data

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