[Python-Dev] Problem between deallocation of modules and func_globals

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Thu Jan 18 20:53:54 CET 2007

I have discovered an issue relating to func_globals for functions and
the deallocation of the module it is contained within.  Let's say you
store a reference to the function encodings.search_function from the
'encodings' module (this came up in C code, but I don't see why it
couldn't happen in Python code).  Then you delete the one reference to
the module that is stored in sys.modules, leading to its deallocation.
 That triggers the setting of None to every value in

Oops, now the global namespace for that module has everything valued
at None.  The dict doesn't get deallocated since a reference is held
by encodings.search_function.func_globals and there is still a
reference to that (technically held in the interpreter's
codec_search_path field).  So the function can still execute, but
throws exceptions like AttributeError because a module variable that
once held a dict now has None and thus doesn't have the 'get' method.

My question is whether this is at all worth trying to rectify.  Since
Google didn't turn anything up I am going to guess this is not exactly
a common thing.  =)  That would lead me to believe some (probably
most) of you will say, "just leave it alone and work around it".

The other option I can think of is to store a reference to the module
instead of just to its __dict__ in the function.  The problem with
that is we end up with a circular dependency of the functions in
modules having a reference to the module but then the module having a
reference to the functions.  I tried not having the values in the
module's __dict__ set to None if the reference count was above 1 and
that solved this issue, but that leads to dangling references on
anything in that dict that does not have a reference stored away
somewhere else like encodings.search_function.

Anybody have any ideas on how to deal with this short of rewriting
some codecs stuff so that they don't depend on global state in the
module or just telling me to just live with it?


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