[Python-Dev] proposed attribute lookup optimization

Paul Pogonyshev pogonyshev at gmx.net
Wed Jul 11 20:46:33 CEST 2007

[I don't know why I didn't receive this mail, presumably spam filter
at gmx.net sucks as always]

Phillip J. Eby wrote:
> At 08:23 PM 7/8/2007 +0300, Paul Pogonyshev wrote:
> >I would like to propose an optimization (I think so, anyway) for the
> >way attributes are looked up.  [...]
> [...]
> Again, though, this has already been proposed, and I believe there's 
> a patch awaiting review for inclusion in 2.6 (and presumably 3.0).

OK, good to know.  Of course it is better if done by someone familiar
with Python internals :)  After proposing this I decided it wasn't
worthwile, since it would require cache revalidation after any
assignment to a new class attribute.  But supposedly I just have
incorrect picture of what is often in Python :)


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