[Python-Dev] Subversion branch merging

Dave Harrison dave at cryptohorizon.com
Sat Jul 14 03:42:23 CEST 2007

Thomas Wouters wrote:
> On 7/12/07, *Dave Harrison* <dave at cryptohorizon.com
> <mailto:dave at cryptohorizon.com>> wrote:
>     So far I've used DARCS, Hg, and Git.  And at this point Git is far and
>     away the winner.
> Let's not start a discussion on which DVCS is better, or I'd burn your
> ears off about all the ways each of those (as well as Bazaar,
> Arch/tla/bzr1, Arx, CodeVille, SVK, Monotone and BitKeeper) suck, suck
> badly or are the work of the devil. The official Python source
> repository will be Subversion for now (although it isn't officially my
> decision :). I encourage anyone to use a mirror of it in their own
> favourite VCS, and do their own development in it. 'tailor' is a nice
> tool if you care about having the full history (as I do) and you don't
> happen to hit bugs in it or the VCS. Do realize that the full history
> may be a burden, especially in DVCS solutions.
> For what it's worth, rumour has it Subversion 1.5 or 2.0 will get actual
> branch tracking and full-history merging. If done properly (it's not
> done yet, so it's hard to say) it would reduce the advantage of the DVCS
> solutions by about half ;-P

While I don't necessarily agree (and await for that burning feeling to
start in my ears ;-) ), I think the lack of a decent windows port for
some, and general lack of real maturity in most, are the killer
arguments against DRCS for Python at this point.

My own DRCS of preference (git) has a method for pulling from
subversion anyway, and I can't really claim to even contribute much
directly _to_ Python's core, so I'm wary of claiming to be too
invested in this.  That said, there are always strong arguments in
favour of the distributed model encouraging and fostering community
dev participation - and code always speaks louder than words heh.


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