[Python-Dev] Sorry About Summaries

Calvin Spealman ironfroggy at gmail.com
Wed Jul 18 14:37:13 CEST 2007

I completely intend to finish the backlog of summaries, but I've
reached the point that I know it is futile to continue thinking I'll
be able to fit in the time for the summaries in an on-going and
reliable manner. When I took on the responsibility, it was looking
like time would be fine. Since then, I had to move, my work load has
at least tripled, children prove more time consumer once they learn to
walk, and I'm even having to look at the possibility of expanding
beyond a one-man operation.

When I took the position, I had the time. My situation only lasted
that way for a couple weeks. Every time I think it will change,
something else happens. At this point, I can't keep fooling myself.
But, as I said, I absolutely will be finishing the summaries I have
not done, to make up for my mistakes with this. I haven't even had the
time to read python-dev during all these months, much less write about

Becoming involved with the upcoming Python Magazine is just the
evidence I needed that my life is not as care free as it was when I
thought I could make time for this.

Is anyone interested in taking the (much dwindled) flame from my unable hands?

Read my blog! I depend on your acceptance of my opinion! I am interesting!

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