[Python-Dev] Bus error in transformer.py

Paul Colomiets pc at gafol.net
Sat Jul 28 16:21:42 CEST 2007

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> You should run it under gdb, or attach to the interpreter
> from gdb.
I've run it with gdb before (when posted  a bug),
and sometimes I got a huge traceback with
10000+ lines and sometimes less than 100
full of question marks so I've decided it's not of
a great interest. Today I've got quite good
backtrace :)
> Could it be that you get a stack overflow? To my knowledge,
> stack space is very scarce on FreeBSD if you use threads.
Well, yes it is!

I've tested stack overflow before without using threads,
and it throws an exception as expected.

But this:
  def test():

  from threading import Thread
  t = Thread(target = test)
Produces "Segmentation fault" on python2.4 and "Bus error" on

Following line:
Fixes this problem for python2.5.

Thanks a lot. I think I'll set up it in sitecustomize.py.
I don't know but maybe you should consider change platform defaults.


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