[Python-Dev] Santa Fe Python Day report

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Mon Jun 11 15:33:01 CEST 2007

It was very succesful, around +300 people assisted, and there were a lot of interesting talks (two introductory talks, Turbogears, PyWeek, Zope 3, security, creating 3D games, Plone, automatic security testings, concurrency, and programming the OLPC).

I want to thanks the PSF for the received support. Python is developing interestingly in Argentina, and this Python Days are both a prove of that, and a way to get more Python developers.

Some links:

  Santa Fe Python Day: http://www.python-santafe.com.ar/
  Python Argentina: http://www.python.com.ar/moin


.   Facundo
Blog: http://www.taniquetil.com.ar/plog/
PyAr: http://www.python.org/ar/

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