[Python-Dev] cleaning up the email addresses in the PEPs

Brett Cannon brett at python.org
Wed Jun 20 17:43:15 CEST 2007

I am working on some code in the sandbox to automatically generate PEP
0.  This is also leading to code that checks all the PEPs follow some
basic guidelines.

One of those guidelines is an author having a single email address.
The Owners index at the bottom of PEP 0 is going to be created from
the names and email addresses found in the PEPs themselves.  But that
doesn't work too well when an author has multiple addresses listed.

If you are listed below, please choose a single address to use.  You
can either change the PEPs yourself or just reply with the email you
prefer.  I can tell you the multiple spellings if you want.  If I
don't hear from people I will just use my best judgement.

And even better, if you spell your name multiple ways in the PEPs
(e.g., Martin v. Loewis, Martin v. Löwis, Martin von Löwis) also let
it be known which spelling you prefer (unifying name spelling comes
after unifying the email addresses).

   Ka-Ping Yee:
   Neil Schemenauer
   David Goodger:
   Tim Peters:
   Martin v. Löwis:
   Paul Prescod:
   Jeremy Hylton:
   Clark C. Evans:
   Richard Jones:
   Alex Martelli:
   Moshe Zadka


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