[Python-Dev] bzr on dinsdale

Dmitry Vasiliev dima at hlabs.spb.ru
Sat Jun 23 11:38:58 CEST 2007

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> If I do "bzr status" in dinsdale:/etc/apache2, I get
> BzrCheckError: Internal check failed: file u'/etc/init.d/stop-bootlogd'
> entered as kind 'symlink' id
> 'stopbootlogd-20070303140018-fe340b888f6e9c69', now of kind 'file'
> bzr 0.11.0 on python 2.4.4.final.0 (linux2)
> arguments: ['/usr/bin/bzr', 'status']
> ** please send this report to bazaar-ng at lists.ubuntu.com
> Can somebody experienced with bzr please help?

Bzr allow kind changes only starting from version 0.15, for old versions 
you should first remove file from version control with 'bzr rm' and then 
add again with 'bzr add'.

Dmitry Vasiliev <dima at hlabs.spb.ru>

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