[Python-Dev] object capability; func_closure; __subclasses__

tav tav at espians.com
Thu Jun 28 17:14:05 CEST 2007

> Well, there's no __self__ in 2.3 or 2.4; I guess that was added in 2.5.  Darn.

anyone know *why* it was added?

> >Or, setting __call__.__doc__ ?
> What does that do?

ah, i just wanted a way of providing documentation, and __call__'s
__doc__ isn't writable...

> If it works, you could probably do the same thing to remove __call__.__self__.

will look into that too...

> In 3.0, I don't mind if the access method moves, I just want to keep
> the access.  OTOH, I don't really care about __call__.__self__, since
> I got along fine without it in 2.3/2.4 and didn't know it had been
> added in 2.5.  :)


so, suggestions as to how one can go about getting those 2 access methods moved?

thanks, tav
founder and ceo, esp metanational llp

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