[Python-Dev] Decoding libpython frame information on the stack

Mithun R N mithun_rn at yahoo.co.in
Fri Jun 29 06:36:39 CEST 2007

Hi All,

Thanks much for your suggestions and help.
Shall get back after reading through and trying some
stuff mentioned in the emails.

Thanks and regards,

--- skip at pobox.com wrote:

>     >> Am a new subscriber to this list.  Am facing
> an issue in deciphering
>     >> core-files of applications with mixed C and
> libpython frames in it.
>     >> I was thinking of knowing any work that has
> been done with respect to
>     >> getting into the actual python line
> (file-name.py:<line number>) from
>     >> the libpython frames on the stack while
> debugging such core-files. If
>     >> anybody knows some information on this,
> please let me know. I could
>     >> not get any link on the web that talks about
> this feature.
> Sorry, I missed this the first time round and just
> saw Dustin's reply.  The
> Python distribution comes with a gdbinit file in the
> Misc directory.  I use
> it frequently to display Python stack traces from
> within GDB.  Here's the
> most recent copy online:
> The following commands are implemented:
>     pystack - display the full stack trace
>     pystackv - as above, but also display local
> variables
>     pyframe - display just the current frame
>     pyframev - as above, but also display local
> variables
>     up, down - move up or down one C stack frame,
> but display Python
>                frame if you move into
> PyEval_EvalFrame
> This should all work within active sessions and
> sessions debugging core
> files (e.g., no active process).
> It needs some rework.  For instance, it assumes
> you're running within Emacs
> and puts out lines gud can use to display source
> lines.  These look a little
> funky when debugging from a terminal window.
> Skip

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