[Python-Dev] with_traceback

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Mar 3 02:16:44 CET 2007

Michael Foord wrote:

> Um... except that the new attributes *obviously* means that the 
> traceback information is obviously not going to work where you reuse a 
> single instance and to expect otherwise seems naive.

Yes, but this means that the __traceback__ attribute
couldn't be *the* way of handling tracebacks in Py3k.
The old way would still have to be there, and the new
way could only ever be a convenience feature that
might not be available and might not work properly
if it is.

That doesn't seem like a tidy situation to me.
Py3k is supposed to me making things cleaner, not
more messy.


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