[Python-Dev] Encouraging developers

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Tue Mar 6 11:12:46 CET 2007

Phil Thompson writes:

 > MvL wrote:

 > > I doubt this will help. Much of the code isn't owned by anybody
 > > specifically. Those parts that are owned typically find their patches
 > > reviewed and committed quickly (e.g. the tar file module, maintained by
 > > Lars Gustäbel).

 > Doesn't your last sentence completely contradict your first sentence?

Not in view of the second one.  Martin is saying that where the
existing process looks like your suggestion, it already works great.
It's not that this isn't well-known to the core developers!

The problem is a lack of reviewers/module "owners".  The existing
review-for-review *offer* (not requirement!) proposes to increase the
supply of reviewers by offering them "good and valuable consideration"
(ie, a fast track for their own patches) in return.  You may not wish
to take advantage of that offer, but it addresses the underlying

The other proposals on the table amount to (a) the existing reviewers
should work harder and (b) if patches aren't reviewed, then they
should be presumed good enough to apply.  I think it should be obvious
how far they will get when restated in those practical terms.

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