[Python-Dev] Encouraging developers

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Tue Mar 6 14:09:54 CET 2007

Raymond Hettinger schrieb:
> [Phil Thompson]
>> I think a lot of people care, but many can't 
>> do anything about because the barrier to entry is too great.
> Do you mean commit priviledges?  ISTM, those tend to be
> handed out readily to people who assert that they have good use for them.
> Ask the Georg-bot how readily he was accepted and coached.  IMO,
> his acceptance was a model that all open source projects should aspire to.

Indeed. For me, it wasn't "hard" to get tracker rights. I reviewed some patches,
commented on bugs, posted suggestions to python-dev etc. When I asked about
tracker rights on python-dev, they were given to me.
Then, it wasn't "hard" to get commit rights. I contributed some stuff, and
after a while I asked about commit rights on python-dev, and they were given
to me on condition that I still let a core dev review inteded changes.

As far as I recall, there has been nearly no one who asked for commit rights
recently, so why complain that the entry barrier is too great? Surely you
cannot expect python-dev to got out and say "would you like to have commit


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