[Python-Dev] SVK

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Mar 6 16:48:48 CET 2007

A.M. Kuchling schrieb:
> I'm happy to write up a wiki page describing how to use SVK to set up
> your own mirror of the Python SVN.  However, trying it now, the
> initial setup seems very slow: SVK is retrieving each of 54165
> revisions and it'll probably take over an hour to complete.

If it helps, you can download a snapshot of the entire repository from


This is more than Python, so it depending on your link, it may or
may not pay off.

You can also try to run the svk conversion on dinsdale, if that helps,
so we can provide daily initial svn repositories (if there is such
a thing) for download.

> (Of course, I don't know how long a checkout of a hypothetical Bazaar
> repository would take; maybe it's not any faster.)

 From my experience with git and the Linux repository, an hour is
"about right". People familiar with these tools probably learn
to do initial checkouts over night.


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