[Python-Dev] how can I review? [was: Encouraging developers]

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Mar 6 22:40:25 CET 2007

    Jim> The 5:1 patch review is a good idea -- but what is the procedure
    Jim> for reviewing a patch?

    Jim> I often comment on patches.  Does this count as a review?  Would
    Jim> anyone know if it did?

I believe "review" can mean a few things:

    * Comments.  Reviewing the code does it look reasonable to you given
      your experience in the space the patch is playing in?  Is it missing
      anything (test cases, documentation, platform dependencies)?

    * Apply it in your sandbox and try it out.  Does the Python test suite
      pass?  Does it work with your applications?

    * Extend it.  If it's missing platform dependencies, test cases or
      documentation and you can supply (any of) them, feel free to do so.
      Open a new patch and add a comment to the current tracker item
      containing a reference to it.  (In SourceForge at least you won't be
      able to attach a file to a tracker item you didn't create or don't
      own.  YMMV once the Rapture occurs and we get to RoundUp nirvana.)

Generally, once you've reviewed the five, post a note here referencing them
and also referring to the item you would like reviewed.  (Personally, if you
take a tracker item from "clearly can't be committed as is" to "this is good
to go" I think the five review bar should be lowered.)

    Jim> Sometimes the patch is good, or they deal with all issues.[1] At
    Jim> that point, I ... stop commenting.  

"Works for me" and "looks good to me" are also valid comments. ;-)


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