[Python-Dev] Encouraging developers

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Tue Mar 6 23:49:24 CET 2007

""Martin v. Löwis"" <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote in message 
news:45EDE4F9.2020902 at v.loewis.de...
| Terry Reedy schrieb:
| > It would also be helpful if the new tracker system could produce a list 
| > module-specific open items sorted by module, since that would indicate
| > modules needing attention, and I could look for a batch that were
| > unassigned.
| The new tracker will initially have the same "category" as the current
| one, but it will have the ability to group by them (and perhaps even
| count them).
| Of course, many bugs don't have a category set, so some volunteer would
| first need to go through all open bugs and categorize them.

I'll take a look at the categories on SF and see if any are unclear to me.

| If, for "Modules", you want a more fine-grained classification, it
| would be possible to add new categories, or add another field
| "affected modules" (multi-list, I assume).

I guess making each module a category would be too fine...
| If there is a volunteer that would like to go through all bug
| reports and classify them according this finer category, I can
| work with the roundup maintainers to add that (although it
| will likely only happen after the switch to roundup - it is
| easy to extend the schema with additional fields if it is
| known exactly what they are).
| There is also a generic "keywords" field in the roundup
| tracker - perhaps the "affected modules" could become keywords.

I am presuming that it will be easier to write scripts to search and 
manipulate on the new tracker (whether to run on the tracker site or 
elsewhere).  If so, then the information just needs to be recorded 
somewhere.  An existing keywords field sounds good enough.

Terry Jan Reedy

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