[Python-Dev] Encouraging developers

Scott Dial scott+python-dev at scottdial.com
Tue Mar 6 06:59:47 CET 2007

As an outsider who has submitted a handful of patches and has always 
wanted to become more involved.. I would like to comment as I feel like 
I am the target audience in question. I apologize ahead of time if I am 
speaking out of place.

Martin v. Löwis wrote:
> Phil Thompson schrieb:
>> 1. Don't suggest to people that, in order to get their patch reviewed, they 
>> should review other patches. The level of knowledge required to put together 
>> a patch is much less than that required to know if a patch is the right one.
> People don't *have* to review patches. They just can do that if they 
> want expedite review of their code.

While I understand that this tit-for-tat mechanism is meant to ensure 
participation, I believe in reality it doesn't, as the 400-some 
outstanding patches you referenced elswhere indicate. I can personally 
attest to having a patch that is over a year old with no "core 
developer" having any interest at all with the subject matter. And to be 
frank, nor did I really, but I saw a problem and was capable of solving 
it. My lack of caring about the patch means I am not going to beat 
people over the head to pay attention. This system is broken for someone 
like me (coder) that just wants to help out (non-coders).

>> 2. Publically identify the core developers and their areas of expertise and 
>> responsibility (ie. which parts of the source tree they "own").
> I doubt this will help. Much of the code isn't owned by anybody
> specifically. Those parts that are owned typically find their patches
> reviewed and committed quickly (e.g. the tar file module, maintained by
> Lars Gustäbel).

If nothing else, as an outsider there is no way to know why your patch 
gets ignored while others get swiftly dealt with. Any sort of 
information like this would at least provide more transparency in what 
may appear to be elitest processes.


Scott Dial
scott at scottdial.com
scodial at cs.indiana.edu

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