[Python-Dev] Fwd: Re: Encouraging developers

Raymond Hettinger python at rcn.com
Wed Mar 7 18:56:45 CET 2007

[Scott Dial]
>While I understand that this tit-for-tat mechanism is meant to ensure 
>participation, I believe in reality it doesn't, as the 400-some 
>outstanding patches you referenced elswhere indicate.
 . . .
>If nothing else, as an outsider there is no way to know why your patch 
>gets ignored while others get swiftly dealt with. Any sort of 
>information like this would at least provide more transparency in what 
>may appear to be elitest processes.

<Yawn> This thread is getting dull and is wasting everyone's time.
If you want to contribute, then contribute.  If you want to rant about elitism, bag on volunteer developers, or expound conspiracy theories about insiders and outsiders, then your scottdial.com blog would make a better forum.


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