[Python-Dev] version-specific PYTHONPATH env var

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Fri Mar 9 09:11:19 CET 2007

Anthony Baxter schrieb:
> What do people think about the idea of a version-specific PYTHONPATH 
> environment variable?

I agree with Guido. I normally need an application-specific PYTHONPATH,
and I do that by editing the start script adding a sys.path.append
into it (these days, Python applications often come with a tiny
start script that then imports the main functionality from a module).
Examples where I do this include buildbot, moinmoin, and roundup.
As a system's administrator, I discourage people from setting PATH,
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PYTHONPATH, and, if possible, CLASSPATH. Instead, I
try to manage the system so that system-wide software is available
to every user without additional setup.


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