[Python-Dev] Backports of standard library modules

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 11 23:32:28 CET 2007

Please forgive me if this has already been discussed -- I only
recently started paying any attention to this list.

Many versions of python include "new" standard library modules that
could (or often do already) work fine with previous versions.  Some of
the modules are brand-new, written explicitly for the standard
library, and others are preexisting modules that, by community
consensus, are added to the library.

It seems that once a new library module is added, if it doesn't rely
heavily on new core language features, it should also be added for
previous versions.  Obviously, it doesn't make sense to re-release an
old version of Python just because a new library is available (or even
to include the new library in the old version), but it might make
sense to have a separate package of "extras" or "backported" modules
that is re-released for prior versions whenever a new (compatible)
module is added to the standard library.

Although it is often quite easy to find and download a module for use
with a prior version of Python, it would be really convenient if all
of these modules were bundled up together and available as a single
download, especially when it comes to Windows users and extension

If this seems useful to others,  I could try to start a PEP on how the
process would work (but since I'm fairly new, it would be great if
someone could help out a bit by validating my verbiage against some of
the process requirements).


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