[Python-Dev] Python version incorrect on website?

Rajstennaj Barrabas Python.9.OkianWarrior at SpamGourmet.com
Mon Mar 12 08:40:31 CET 2007

I have an application which runs on 2.4.4 and is known not to run on 2.4.1 or
2.5, and I'm trying to install 2.4.4 from the website.

Whenever I download and compile the 2.4.4 sources, the executable shows up as
2.4.1 which will not work for my application.

I've downloaded both the bzip and gzip versions, and checked the MD5 sums as
posted on the website, but the 2.4.4 system still shows 2.4.1 when run. The
local file "buildno" contains the number "1", and the command ./python -V
returns the string 2.4.1.

(Linux 2.6.8-2-686, everything is apt-get "current". I'm downloading the source
tar files because apt-get doesn't have the version I need.)

Is there a mismatch on the python website? I'd really like to get a copy of
2.4.4 going on my system - can someone point me to the correct sources for this?

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