[Python-Dev] Backports of standard library modules

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Mar 12 10:34:02 CET 2007

Patrick Maupin schrieb:
> Although it is often quite easy to find and download a module for use
> with a prior version of Python, it would be really convenient if all
> of these modules were bundled up together and available as a single
> download, especially when it comes to Windows users and extension
> modules.

I don't know how precisely you imagine this to happen: there is clearly
zero chance that a future 2.5.x release (say, 2.5.2) will include 
modules that are about to appear with 2.6 only.

If you think of an independent release: who should produce it? I would 
not expect that any of the current release people are willing to take
more load (I know that I wouldn't); so it clearly needs more volunteers.

Given the past experience with such proposals (e.g. creation of a Jumbo
distribution), I'm skeptical that volunteers will materialize (unless,
of course, you are volunteering).

If it is indeed you who would volunteer, I'd suggest that you don't have
to go through a PEP process. Instead, just do it: bundle the modules 
that you want to see in earlier Python versions, and publish it. If you
want to see it appear on python.org, that could certainly be arranged.


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