[Python-Dev] Patch 1644818: Allow importing built-in submodules

Miguel Lobo mlobol at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 16:49:50 CET 2007

> This is how we suck you in...  ;)

I see :-).  Funny I didn't see this procedure mentioned in the patch
submission guidelines ;-)

You don't have to be an expert to review patches.  The following
> procedure would qualify you:
> 1.  Find a patch that it appears no one has ever touched (0 comments,
> assigned to nobody, etc.)
> 2.  Pretty much every patch should include a unit test and
> documentation.  If something is missing from the patch you're looking
> at, post a comment that says "Incomplete, no docs/tests".

My own patch does not include documentation.  I assume documentation would
only be needed for patches that add new functionality (as opposed to fixing

3.  Repeat until you've commented on five patches.
> If you find such clerical work beneath you, you can go further--build
> Python from source, apply patches, and verify that they work.  It's
> not hard (google "python developer faq").  But it's not required.

I might try to do this, as time permits.

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