[Python-Dev] Patch 1644818: Allow importing built-in submodules

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Mar 12 20:11:53 CET 2007

Miguel Lobo schrieb:
>     I need to integrate the extra test file into a project file (probably
>     pythoncore).
> The change to pythoncore.vcproj is already in the patch I posted.  
> Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to run my test under Windows.

Ah, ok, I misremembered. It is the UNIX build process that is still 
lacking, then.

>     Yet, the same can be said for most other patches: they are all for the
>     benefit of users running into the same respective problems. 
> Agreed.  What I mean is that this fasttrack system where the submitter 
> has to do some extra work seems to imply that accepting the patch 
> somehow benefits the submitter.

That's true. If there is no benefit for the submitter, the submitter 
will likely not use that procedure. People have various motives for
contributing: scratch-your-own-itch, gain reputation, ... For people
that actually do have an interest in their patch being integrated,
this offer (and it is just an offer) may be interesting.

> In fact I'm probably the person the 
> patch will benefit least, because I have already run into the problem 
> and know how to solve it.

It won't benefit the Python core either, because we just don't use
builtin submodules. In fact, I find the notion of builtin submodules
somewhat strange.

> I feel responsible for defending the patch 
> since I've written it and I know the problem it fixes and my solution 
> better than anybody else, but I don't see how that responsibility 
> extends to having to do extra unrelated work to have the patch accepted.

At this point, there is relatively little that you can do, as you cannot
control the priority and the time that people are willing to review and
integrate patches. So you either need to be patient until some reviewer
picks it up, or you need to involve yourself further into Python.

> I'm not complaining or anything, and no offence meant to anyone, just 
> explaining my point of view.  I might still try to do the 5 patch review 
> thing, depending on how long it takes me.  But if I choose not to do so, 
> leaving my patch to rot only harms CPython, not me.



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