[Python-Dev] Backports of standard library modules

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Thu Mar 15 02:22:11 CET 2007

> :) is that, when I go to the downloads page for Python 2.3, in
> addition to downloading Python, I could download all the
> compatible libraries which were included in later versions as a
> single installable file.  When 2.6 comes out, this "extras"
> package would be upgraded to include any new modules in 2.6.
> Not a lot of fun for people who live on the bleeding edge, but
> very useful for people who are stuck with an older version for
> political or other reasons.

If you, or someone else, is willing to do the work to do this, I 
don't think anyone would mind. There is (as Martin also stated) 
zero chance that I will do this additional work. It scratches no 
itches for me, and has the potential to add an enormous amount to 
my workload of doing a new release. 

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