[Python-Dev] Proposal to revert r54204 (splitext change)

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Thu Mar 15 19:58:04 CET 2007

> This particular change looks like gratuitous breakage, no matter how 
> sound the reasons for it, and putting it in to 2.6 with 3.0 "just around 
> the corner" (though not for production purposes) is guaranteed to upset 
> some people and cause adverse reaction.
> This is not "prevarication", it's a serious discussion about how such 
> issues should be managed.  The current glaring lack is of a sound 
> decision-making process. Such breakage-inducing change should be 
> reserved for major versions (as was the fix to the socket addressing wart).

I just like to point out that I disagree with this classification. The 
change is not gratuitous breakage (it's neither gratuitous, nor is it
breakage), nor is it breakage-inducing.


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