[Python-Dev] Proposal to revert r54204 (splitext change)

glyph at divmod.com glyph at divmod.com
Thu Mar 15 22:54:28 CET 2007

On 09:17 pm, brett at python.org wrote:
>But the key point I want to get across is people should not being
>getting mad at Martin.  The people who are getting all bent out of
>shape over this should be upset at python-dev as a whole for not
>having a clear policy on this sort of thing.  Martin just happened to
>be the guy who made a change that sparked this and he is explaining
>his thinking behind it (which also happens to mirror my thinking on
>this whole situation).  It could have easily been someone else.

On part of this point, I have to agree.  Nullum crimen, nulla poena sine 
praevia lege poenali.

However, the decision was a bad one regardless of the existing policy, 
and sets a bad precedent while we are discussing this policy.  I could 
be wrong, but I think it would be reasonable to assume that if Martin 
strongly supports such a change, Martin would oppose a policy which 
would strictly forbid such changes, and it is just such a policy that 
Python needs.
>Bottom line, let's work together as a group to come up with a policy
>in a civil, positive manner (in a new thread!) and let the result of
>that decision guide what is done with this fix.  Yelling at poor
>Martin about one patch when we could be spending this effort on trying
>to discuss what kind of policy we want is not getting us anywhere.

I *am* working on that on the side and I hope to have something coherent 
and whole to present here, in that different thread, very soon.  The 
point, for me, of participating in *this* thread is (A) to continue to 
keep the issue high-visibility, because in my opinion, compatibility 
policy is _THE_ issue that python-dev needs to deal with now, (B) to 
deal with the aforementioned strongly implied opposition to such a 
policy, and (C) last but not least, to actually get the patch reverted, 
since, while it is not the larger problem, it is, itself, a problem that 
needs to be fixed.
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