[Python-Dev] Proposal to revert r54204 (splitext change)

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Sun Mar 18 21:16:36 CET 2007

Guido van Rossum schrieb:
> And Martin, if I decide that the change should be
> rolled back, will you be okay with that?

Certainly. I would wish somebody contributed a documentation patch 
pointing out that specific detail in the documentation (and in
the process making the documentation match the implementation
in the first place), but if nobody comes along, I would do that

> This is an experiment for me as well; if you all would prefer me to
> stay out of it, I will.

I would hope that we can agree to something that has been proposed
as an alternative in http://python.org/sf/1681842 (suggesting
a warning message and keyword arguments), or the two-step change
that Thomas proposed, so you may want to watch this going on for
a little while longer. However, I don't feel qualified anymore to
trust my intuition on what changes are acceptable and which aren't,
so it would be for some other committer (perhaps Thomas or Phillip)
to actually implement such a change.


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