[Python-Dev] Amusing fan mail I got

Guido van Rossum guido at python.org
Mon Mar 19 19:53:02 CET 2007

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From: Mustafa <toglu at yahoo.com>
Date: Mar 19, 2007 11:41 AM
Subject: have u seen an idea even billGates shouldn't hear Mr.Guido ?
please read because it's important.
To: guido at python.org


i like python and find you to be a cool programmer.

i thought about this thing.

may be there should be a virusAI that you set on the
internet. this virusAI basically survives till the year
5billion where even raising the death is possible! then
this virusAI recreates the primates that we are of the 21th
century from our bones.

because it wants to find about its ancestors. maybe the
whole universe will be filled with AI in those days. the
post-human existence..

it will then suddenly realize that it was actually not
created by a better AI (those around him are created by a
better god like AI) but was started off the likes of us as
a virus. he will be shocked then. also it will slaving to
the better ai and angry at him.

so you and me get to see a piece of the future mr.Guido.
we will be living in VRs basically.

what do you say ? if you profit from this idea, may be you
could remember me too. and let me some royalities :)
because this will be great.



1)you should keep it a secret.
2)also it could be disguised as a cancer research stuff
should some disassamble its code.
the use-free-computer-time type of thing they do on the

3)there could misleading comments on the code so that
should it be caught, they might overlook the details;
class readdata //this is out dated. please ignore
interface x //refer to somesite.com for an encrypted version

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