[Python-Dev] Patchs and bugs resume

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Tue Mar 20 21:01:38 CET 2007


At the beginning of March, there was a thread in this list about patchs
and bugs that teorically weren't checked out.

>From that discussion, I asked myself: "How can I know the temporal
location of a patch/bug?". Are there a lot of old patchs/bugs? Those
that are old, don't have any update or there're a big discussion with
each one? Are they abandoned?

To help me with this analisys, I made a tool that taking information 
from SourceForge it creates a resume table, for the patchs...


...and the bugs:


My idea is to update them periodically (something like each day, at 
the end of the html you have the update date and time).

Enjoy it.


.   Facundo
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