[Python-Dev] I vote to reject: Adding timeout to socket.py and httplib.py.

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Wed Mar 21 13:37:06 CET 2007

Alan Kennedy wrote:

> But remember that by adding a new function to the socket module to
> support httplib et al, you are also adding a function to the socket
> module that will be used directly by end users.
> I vote to reject this patch.

Well, you can vote to name it _create_connection(), if your concern is
what the end user will do with it.

Or it's just denial towards this patch?

> I recommend modifying the patch to remove *all* proposed changes to
> the socket module. Instead, the patch should restrict itself to fixing
> the httplib module.

-1 to repeat the same functionality in 5 other libraries. 

As I said above, we can make it non-public.

So, as a resume of the choices we still need to settle:

  a) Repeat the same functionality in 5 other libraries
  b) Write the function in socket.py, public
  c) Write the function in socket.py, non public

We need to make the decission. The functionality was needed years ago, I
don't want to lose a year discussing...

The way I see it, we have three posible ways:

  a) python-dev votes
  b) python-dev doesn't care, nobody votes, I make it my way
  c) Guido settles this down

Voting is open, ;)


.   Facundo
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