[Python-Dev] Rationale for NamedTemporaryFile?

Scott Dial scott at scottdial.com
Wed Mar 21 12:01:03 CET 2007

Greg Ewing wrote:
> A tangential question -- why are TemporaryFile and
> NamedTemporaryFile named in TitleCase, when they're
> functions and not classes?

I wondered the same. At first draft of my email I wrote "class" 
operating under the assumption that only classes got to be camel-cased. 
If I had to guess, the rationale was that they are simply wrappers a 
class. Nevertheless, tempfile dates well back before the PEP 8 style 
guidelines. I think consistency would dictate that a newly added 
function should match the other ones, but I have no strong feelings 
about this.


Scott Dial
scott at scottdial.com
scodial at cs.indiana.edu

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