[Python-Dev] Final (final?) update to patch about socket timeout...

Facundo Batista facundo at taniquetil.com.ar
Sat Mar 24 02:32:48 CET 2007

Facundo Batista wrote:

> Tests failed because of this commit *only* in "alpha Tru64 5.1 trunk" buildbot.

Also it fails in "g4 osx.4 trunk". In all the other platforms it works

> The test that failed is one that does:
>         sock = socket.create_connection((HOST, PORT), timeout=10)
>         self.assertEqual(sock.gettimeout(), 10)

Which is very strange, because this is the third test in
"testTimeoutAttribute" (this method actually tries different ways of
calling the function, no real functionality). 

In other tests, sometimes fail in the second test of the method.

In the test setUp() method, I'm setting the serving socket up, with a

I can try to to put a listen(5). I can try to reorder the tests. I can
try a lot of things to see why there's a problem here.

But I do not have access to any of both architectures (Alpha and G4).
And I don't want to try everything through commits in the repository
(or should I?).

I do not want to leave these failing tests. I'll fix them, or comment
them out (actually, the tests are very superficial).

What do you do in these cases? How do you deal with failing test cases
in platforms to which you do not have access?


.   Facundo
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