[Python-Dev] Call for junior PEP editors

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue May 1 00:53:44 CEST 2007

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David Goodger and I have been the PEP editors for ages.  Well, mostly  
David lately as I've been way too busy to be of much use.  David is  
also pretty busy, and he lamented that he doesn't have much time for  
editing when he put out his call for PEPs earlier this month.

We've now, or will soon have three more experienced Pythonistas  
helping out as PEP editors, Georg Brandl, Brett Cannon, and Anthony  
Baxter.  As long as they've been hacking Python, you'd have thought  
they'd have learned their lesson by now, but we'll gladly consume  
more of their time and souls.

David and I would like to see some junior Pythonistas join the PEP  
editor team, as a great way to gain experience and become more  
involved with the community.  As David says, PEP editing is something  
a tech writer can do; it doesn't require intimate knowledge of  
Python's C code base for example.  PEP editors don't judge the  
worthiness of a PEP -- that's for the Python community to do, but  
they do the important work of ensuring that the PEPs are up to the  
high quality and consistent standards that have been established over  
the years.  A PEP editor is sometimes also involved in the meta  
process of developing and maintaining the PEPs.  A good editor's eye,  
excellent written communication skills, and the inhuman amount of  
spare time that only the young have are your most important  

If you're a budding Pythonista and are interested in becoming a PEP  
editor, please send an email to peps at python.org.  Let us know about  
your writing and/or editing experience, how long you've been using  
Python, how long you've been programming in general, and how much  
cash you'll be sending our way.  Kidding about that last bit.  python- 
dev lurkers are encouraged to apply!

Again, this call is for junior Pythonistas only.  I think we have  
enough experienced people now to cover our bases and to help mentor  
new editors.  We're really eager to get some new blood involved in  
the Python community.  We may not accept all applicants; we're aiming  
for two or three additional editors, but that number isn't set in stone.

- -Barry (and David)

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