[Python-Dev] Changing string constants to byte arrays ([Python-checkins] r55119 - in python/branches/py3k-struni/Lib: codecs.py test/test_codecs.py)

Georg Brandl g.brandl at gmx.net
Fri May 4 18:53:52 CEST 2007

M.-A. Lemburg schrieb:
> Hi Walter,
> if the bytes type does turn out to be a mutable type as suggested
> in PEP 358, then please make sure that no code (C code in
> particular), relies on the constantness of these byte objects.
> This is especially important when it comes to codecs, since
> the error callback logic would allow the callback to manipulate
> the byte object contents and length without the codec taking
> note of this change.
> I expect there to be other places in the interpreter which would
> break as well.
> Otherwise, you end up opening the door for segfaults and
> easy DOS attacks on Python3.

If the user does not need to change these bytes objects and this is needed
in more places, adding an "immutable" flag for "internal" bytes objects
only settable from C, or even an immutable byte base class might be an idea.


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